Divorce Day

Divorce Day

Family practitioners deem the first working day back after the New Year break as being “Divorce Day”. The day when most people consider a divorce and will contact a solicitor. Some people will have been thinking about the decision for a while. For others, the extra time spent with their spouse, the additional pressure on finances and the added stress brought about by extra family members visiting, can push an already shaky relationship to breaking point

Many people see the New Year as a chance to make a fresh start; away from the problems they may have faced in their relationship.

Last Resort

Divorce can of course be very difficult. While divorce should be considered the last resort, it can be a very positive experience. A separation can allow people who are unhappy in their relationship to move on and find happiness. If there are children, bringing an end to a toxic relationship can allow both parents to focus on the children; away from tension and arguments.

You may be tempted to seek a “quickie” divorce, offered over the internet; but the problem is that these often cause more problems than they solve.  It is unlikely to be in your best interests to seek a divorce without first considering the implications for your finances and child care arrangements.

Free Consultation

At Pennine Law, we offer a no obligation, free half hour consultation to provide initial advice as to your legal options. If you then wish to pursue a divorce, we offer an undefended divorce package from just £400 + VAT plus the Court fee.

Of course, we can also advise, not only those enquiring into divorce, but also in relation to the breakdown of civil partnerships; unmarried couples, financial matters surrounding a separation; property; arrangements for children and also domestic violence in a confidential and sensitive manner.

Our principle divorce lawyer promotes a constructive approach to family issues that considers the needs of the whole family following the Code of Practice of the regulatory body.

Our family law specialist is based at our Penistone Office, and is also happy to meet you at whichever office is most convenient to you.

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