Our Fees

The above fees are based on property transactions in the Barnsley area.
Search fees for local authorities vary and details of the pricing is available on request

Additional Fees & Disbursements

Additional fees are payable for more complex transactions and examples of such are (all prices include VAT at the current rate):

Leasehold Property – Additional £480 for Sale Transactions / £600 for Purchase Transactions
Deeds of Covenant – Additional £120
Help to Buy – Additional £240
Help to Buy ISA – Additional £60
Declaration of Trust – £240
Shared Ownership Purchases – Scale plus £150
Assured Shorthold Tenancy – £240
Statutory Declaration – £180
Deed of Postponement – £180
International Bank Administration Fee – £90
Sending Contracts to more than one seller/buyer – £180
Obtaining copy planning permissions and building regulation approvals – £60
Obtaining reports from statutory authorities – £90
Obtaining copies of a lost deed or insurance policy – £180
Obtaining the consent of a third party to a sale – £120
Surrendering or re-assigning an insurance policy – £90
Dealing with part unregistered titles – £300
Dealing with unregistered titles – £300
Licence to Occupy – £180
Redemption of second and subsequent mortgages on sale – £180
Repaying unsecured loans – £180
Arranging Indemnity Insurance – £60 (per policy)
Dealing with lender’s own Solicitor – £480
Arranging Undertaking for release of keys – £120
Storage of deeds and documents – £180


Additional disbursements may become payable if lenders require more searches; more than one purchaser; international bank transfers et al. Full details of pricing together with any additional fees that are out of the scope of a normal property transaction are always outlined in our Client Care Letter or you can contact us directly for further details.

We provide the best estimate at the time of enquiry but it is not always possible to provide an exact figure if the details of the transaction are such extra work and time is required. Pennine Law will review any changes in the estimate as the matter progresses.