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Pennine Law Conveyancing Team Praised for Exceptional Work

The Stamp Duty Land Tax holiday, followed by the extension of its deadline, has meant that the property market has been nothing short of chaotic in recent months.

This tax holiday has given buyers the chance to purchase a home without having to pay any Stamp Duty at all on the first £500,000. The usual threshold is just £125,000, so this holiday has really catalysed activity in the market.

Buyers have been keen to rush through the process of buying a house in order to get their purchase done before the deadline, to save up to £15,000 on the property.

As of 1st July 2021, the day after the deadline, the threshold was dropped to £250,000, meaning buyers can save up to £2,500 during this next phase of the Stamp Duty holiday.

For first-time buyers, however, the threshold is now £300,000, helping people up onto the property ladder.

Conveyancing Solicitors Going the Extra Mile

Due to the fact that the property market has been extra busy, the people working in conveyancing departments have also seen their lives become more stressful, with the pressure to complete transactions by a deadline.

Our solicitors in the property department here at Pennine Law have gone “above and beyond” their duties in order to take the worry off our clients’ minds.

We did our best to always ensure that we managed clients’ expectations appropriately, and got the transactions done before the deadline wherever possible.

We are so grateful to have received some heart-warming ‘thank you messages’ from these clients; it really does make our work that much more rewarding.

Messages of Appreciation from Clients

One message to our conveyancing team said: “We would like to thank you for your invaluable assistance in the purchase of our new house.”

They really noticed that the team’s skills were put to good use and appreciated that the past few months have been challenging: “In what has been a prolonged and stressful time, your guidance and advice was what got this purchase over the line.

Without your direct and straight approach, setting things out in layman’s terms, we would be very much financially and more importantly, mentally worse off.”

Another message said: “You have made a very stressful time a lot easier to handle.

“We fully realise at times you went above and beyond your professional duties and we are eternally grateful.”

These comments really put a smile on our faces – how could they not? To have such an appreciative relationship with our clients is brilliant. We hope that everyone whose transaction we helped with is settling into their new homes nicely.

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