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Lyndsay Clark

Residential Conveyancer

Lyndsay Clark is a seasoned Residential Conveyancer at Pennine Law’s Penistone office. She brings five years of legal experience and a CLC Intro to Conveyancing qualification to her role. Lyndsay’s journey in the legal field began with a passion for conveyancing, which she has honed and expanded upon throughout her career.

Joining Pennine Law in April 2024, Lyndsay is dedicated to handling a wide range of conveyancing matters with precision and care. Her favourite aspect of her work is its inherent variety, keeping her engaged and challenged on a daily basis.

Outside of the office, Lyndsay finds joy in spending time with her family, beloved horse, and dogs. Her ideal holiday involves basking in the warmth of a sunny destination, devoid of clouds. Lyndsay’s guilty pleasure is indulging in Chinese food.

Though Lyndsay is modest about her achievements, she once graced the screens as a participant on a TV show.

With her expertise in conveyancing and her commitment to client satisfaction, Lyndsay continues to make a mark in the legal profession while enjoying life’s simple pleasures outside of work.

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